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FlyData features: FlyData Sync "Append Only" mode
DELETE Without Losing Insight: How FlyData Sync Append Only Mode Can Help You If you’ve ever designed or managed an application database, you at some point must have thought about the question of whether to really delete data from your database, or to just mark the data as “deleted”. Both have th...
Recent FlyData Releases (September, 2015)
We’ve had some major new releases recently at FlyData, especially to the FlyData Agent. If you are using the FlyData Agent, we strongly recommend you upgrade your Agent to the newest version! Here are some of the highlights of the Recent FlyData Releases: For All Users CRC32 Checksum support T...
Handling Data Security at FlyData
In this article, we will describe the security practices and policies with regards to your data within FlyData. If you have any questions on what happens to the data in transit through the FlyData Cloud and how we protect your data, then this article is for you! Data In-Transit Whether you are ...
How FlyData Can Make Data Recovery for Your Business Easy in an AWS Outage (Part 2)
A weekend ago, AWS had some service outages. Here are some technical details on how we handled the outage: FlyData buffers your data and retries until it loads successfully We noticed the outage when our monitoring systems started alerting us, but we did not lose any data for our customers, and...
How to Improve Amazon Redshift Upload Performance
Amazon Redshift offers amazing performance at a fraction of the cost of traditional BI databases. But when it comes to data manipulation such as INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE queries, there are some Redshift specific techniques that you should know, in order to perform the queries quickly and effici...
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