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Handling UTF-8 Characters in Redshift
Amazon Redshift & UTF-8 One of the things to be aware of when transferring data to Amazon Redshift is related to the handling of UTF-8 characters. When moving data from external data sources into Redshift, you may encounter an error that looks like below. ERROR: Load into table 'alextesttablech...
Querying Free Disk Space on Redshift
If you’ve been using Amazon Redshift for a bit, you may be wondering how much empty space you have left on your Redshift cluster. This is important since you probably want to plan ahead before your cluster gets full and you have to upgrade to multiple clusters. Here are some options: Monitor Red...
Moore’s Law and Kryder’s Law
Since the early 1960s, technological research in the computer industry has made astounding breakthroughs. Everything from cloud-based data warehousing solutions like Amazon Redshift to data storage techniques like database replication have evolved due to these massive strides in technology. This ...
Frequently Asked Questions: FlyData Sync
Sometimes it is hard to grasp what exactly a software does. That’s why we put together a list of frequently asked (& anticipated) questions below. We hope that these answers clear up any questions that you had! What can I do using FlyData Sync? FlyData Sync replicates your MySQL database(s) to ...
AWS Announces DS2 Amazon Redshift with 50% Better Performance at the Same Price
AWS announced yesterday that they are rolling out a newer generation DS2 Amazon Redshift that has 50% better performance compared to what they previously offered, at the exact same price. The newly released DS2 instances have roughly twice the CPU and memory, as well as support for enhanced netwo...
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