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Happy New Year!
A new year for FlyData is another exciting year of growth and opportunity. FlyData is now four years old and 2014 was an especially busy, but remarkable time for us. Now that 2015 has begun, we would like to start it off by returning to our most important moments of the previous year, as well as ...
Treetop's Confusing Behavior
FlyData Sync is a heterogeneous database replication between MySQL and Amazon Redshift (more db to come!) Implementing such an application requires transformation of an SQL language to another, which is a serious programming language parsing business. We use Ruby's "treetop" to parse SQL statemen...
Amazon Debuts "Aurora"
By definition, an aurora is a beautiful display of light that naturally occurs in the upper atmosphere. Likewise, Amazon Web Services’ new database engine, “Aurora”, takes advantage of running up in “the cloud” and allows users to set up a MySQL database without having to build and maintain one o...
Try FlyData for Free!
Afraid to Commit? FlyData offers free trials for both FlyData Sync and FlyData Autoload. These free trials coincide with Amazon Redshift’s 60-day free trial, which allows 750 hours of usage per month with 160GB of solid-state drive storage. With access to FlyData’s services coupled with free Red...
The Largest Gathering of the AWS Community!
Come see us at re:Invent 2014! From the 11th to the 14th of November, Amazon Web Services will be hosting the largest gathering of the AWS community at The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas! Stop by our kiosk (kiosk #11), pick up some candy and stickers, and have a chat with the FlyData t...
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