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Redshift vs. Postgres: A Detailed Comparison
Amazon Redshift was birthed out of PostgreSQL 8.0.2. For this reason, many analysts and engineers making the move from Postgres to Redshift feel a certain comfort and familiarity about the transition. While it is true that much of the syntax and functionality crosses over, there are key differenc...
Redshift Copy: How and when to use Redshift's COPY command
In this guide, we’ll go over the Redshift COPY command, how it can be used to import data into your Redshift database, its syntax, and a few troubles you may run into. What is the Redshift COPY command? The Redshift COPY command, funnily enough, copies data from one source and loads it into you...
Redshift Join: How to use Redshift's Join Clause
Redshift’s JOIN clause is perhaps the second most important clause after SELECT clause, and it is used even more ubiquitously, considering how interconnected a typical application database’s tables are. Due to that connectivity between datasets, data developers require many joins to collect and p...
Redshift Vacuum: Optimize your Redshift tables
Because Redshift does not automatically “reclaim” the space taken up by a deleted or updated row, occasionally you’ll need to resort your tables and clear out any unused space. Doing so can optimize performance and reduce the number of nodes you need to host your data (thereby reducing costs). Th...
AWS Redshift Pricing: How much does Redshift cost?
What is Redshift’s pricing model and how much will Redshift cost me? While Redshift is arguably the best data warehouse on the market, it can come with a hefty price tag. We’ve created this Redshift pricing guide to help you evaluate Redshift cheaply, create a budget for full implementation, and...
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