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Redshift Clusters: How to Initialize, Resize, and Optimize
What is a Redshift cluster? How can I create one? The core component of AWS's cloud data warehouse Redshift is the Redshift cluster. If you're not familiar with MPP Databases or how Redshift compares to traditional data warehouses, we recommend you read our guides on those before continuing. In t...
Redshift vs Hadoop & Hadoop Hive: A Brief Comparison
Should you pick Amazon Redshift or Hadoop/Hadoop Hive for your data warehouse? In this guide, we examine the history and capabilities of Redshift and Hadoop, and how they compare across price, performance, and ease of use. Based on our research, our personal experiences, and the experiences of o...
What is an MPP Database? Intro to Massively Parallel Processing
In order to understand popular data warehouses like Amazon Redshift, you first need to understand their underlying architecture and the core principles upon which they are built. Massively Parallel Processing (or MPP for short) is this underlying architecture. In this guide, we’ll dive into what ...
FlyData Introduces Max Overage Protection
At FlyData we provide near realtime replication from Amazon RDS to Amazon Redshift.  Depending on the plan you choose and your dataset, most customers do not incur overages/overage fees.  However, if you have a large dataset or your plan doesn't support the replication volume you are producing, o...
FlyData Flies to Vegas - All hands on AWS
What happens when a team from across the globe meets in one of most dynamic technology events on earth?  At AWS re:Invent 2017 our company forged stronger bonds between our international team members and shared our mission and passion for customer success. In this post, we wanted to take the chan...
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