Behind The Scenes At FlyData: Support Engineering

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Many of our customers interact with our support engineers on a daily basis and while we communicate with our valued FlyData customers via Intercom and Email, there's always that air of mystery surrounding who's on the other end of the conversation.  Today we're going to pull back the curtain and talk about FlyData's support engineering staff and what we do to help keep your data in sync. At FlyData we hire for culture, intelligence, and talent.  You don't have to be an AWS guru or a Linux wizard to work with us, but it helps if you are.  All of our support engineers are highly skilled in Linux, AWS, SQL, and Ruby (one of our favorite languages).  Many come from a background similar to this, but for those who haven't we provide on the job training to level up our engineers 10x on a regular basis.  When we start sourcing for new support engineers many candidates are confused as to why we negate posting a job description.  The answer is simple.  It's not about the resume, it's all about you!  We want to make sure you are a great culture fit, customer-empathic, and have the chops to get the job done.  It doesn't matter what you did 10 years ago, all that matters is where you are at now and where you want to be in 6-9 months. There's no "magic" involved in what we do, ok maybe there is but the magic starts with you.  Are you customer success oriented?  Do you love working with scale?  Are you passionate about best practices in AWS and have a solid grasp of Linux?  Able to work remote (and not watch YouTube all day)?  Do you have a passion for thinking "outside of the box" and coming up with solutions that no one has thought of?  If you've answered yes to all of these questions, then you may very well be one of our next candidates! FlyData prides itself on culture and diversity so we hire people from all walks of life.  Agnostic of your race, gender, beliefs, orientation, disability, we want awesome folks with zero-ego who are in love with technology and creating raving customers!  Our organization is pretty flat and transparent.  We communicate daily in standup meetings, chat on Slack, screen share on Zoom (RIP Screenhero), amongst other collaboration tools.  The great part about working as a support engineer with FlyData is that you have a voice.  And your voice will be heard.  Have a new idea?  Let's talk about it.  See something in our architecture that needs improving?  Start an issue on Github and let's talk with the devs about it.  No constructive feedback is ever turned away.  We care about our employees and value their opinions, which is part of what sets FlyData apart from many other startups. Candidates often ask us what a day in the life of a support engineer is like.  This is one of those questions that you can't really give a solid answer to because every day is different and there's always something exciting happening here at FlyData.  One day (or hour) we might be helping you to sync your data, the next working on a finicky server that doesn't want to cooperate, the next researching one of Amazon AWS' 1B features, and probably taking a lunch somewhere in there.  That's one of the amazing parts about working here at FlyData, the variety.  The job is never dull or redundant.  Sure we field a lot of the same questions, but it's the awesome FlyData customers like you who keep it interesting for us. One of the things that our support engineers like the most about working here at FlyData is the ability to grow.  Sure, you can stay in support for as long as you like and become a customer success rockstar, but let's say you want to move into dev or sales.  If you want a change of scenery, just ask.  We believe in strategic growth for our team and encourage everyone to do what they are passionate about and never hold anyone back from progressing within the company.  That being said if you're a support engineer and there's another itch to scratch, we'll give you the tools to succeed. In summary, working at FlyData is a really rewarding and unique experience.  Not everyone will make the cut, but for the ones that do, we're sending you an Internet High-Five!

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