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Learning about ETL - a founding engineer's personal account
There came a point in my journey working for where we began to struggle with our data architecture. In this article, I want to share some of the lessons learned in the hope that they are useful to you in your own engineering journey. Hired started as a Ruby on Rails web application bac...
The 5 V’s of Big Data
Google, Facebook, Netflix, LinkedIn, Twitter and all other social media platforms clearly qualify as big data technology centers. But when did they know to start worrying about the data they have? The answer is simple - it all depends on the characteristics of big data, and when the data processi...
What is Big Data?
As we proceed through this age of massive information and great technologies, we are obtaining many more angles from which we can record data. As a result, organizations like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, and Twitter are finding more and more uses for the information gained from analyzing th...
What is an MPP Database? Intro to Massively Parallel Processing
In order to understand popular data warehouses like Amazon Redshift, you first need to understand their underlying architecture and the core principles upon which they are built. Massively Parallel Processing (or MPP for short) is this underlying architecture. In this guide, we’ll dive into what ...
5 Signs You Need Business Intelligence
Business intelligence, or just BI for short, is a term usually associated with a suite of software applications used to analyze an organization’s data for the purpose of gaining a strategic business advantage. In today’s electronically interconnected world, the amount of data generated by busines...
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