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FlyData Introduces Max Overage Protection
At FlyData we provide near realtime replication from Amazon RDS to Amazon Redshift.  Depending on the plan you choose and your dataset, most customers do not incur overages/overage fees.  However, if you have a large dataset or your plan doesn't support the replication volume you are producing, o...
Redshift DC2 Nodes + FlyData = Improved Performance and ROI
AWS recently announced the second generation of Dense Compute Nodes - DC2 - for Amazon Redshift. (FlyData was the first data integration platform to report on the considerable performance boosts of the prior release in January 2014 and we’ll be excited to explore the new improvements ongoing.) As...
Replacement Rules Rock
Data drives most companies decisions nowadays. Businesses and Executives are making smarter decisions on the direction they should be moving in based on trends and analytics they get from, you guessed it, DATA. But where does this data come from? Well, the majority of it comes from their customer...
Moving Data Reliably is Critical
Moving data can be extremely tedious work and always has some risk involved. For businesses, moving data means potential downtime, outages, and lack of resources. When moving data from on-prem to the cloud, cloud to ground, cloud to cloud, physical to virtual, etc…thoughts of downtime, security b...
FlyData is Now Live on The Amazon Marketplace
FlyData, Inc has been a APN partner since inception and we're proud to be featured in the Amazon ecosystem.  We've received feedback from prospect customers and the like requesting that we integrate into the Amazon AWS Marketplace.  You spoke, we listened, and now we're live on the Amazon AWS Mar...
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