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Frequently Asked Questions: FlyData Sync
Sometimes it is hard to grasp what exactly a software does. That’s why we put together a list of frequently asked (& anticipated) questions below. We hope that these answers clear up any questions that you had! What can I do using FlyData Sync? FlyData Sync replicates your MySQL database(s) to ...
AWS Announces DS2 Amazon Redshift with 50% Better Performance at the Same Price
AWS announced yesterday that they are rolling out a newer generation DS2 Amazon Redshift that has 50% better performance compared to what they previously offered, at the exact same price. The newly released DS2 instances have roughly twice the CPU and memory, as well as support for enhanced netwo...
Handling Column Characters in MySQL vs Amazon Redshift
When you build an application that works with different kinds of databases, you have to be aware of and deal with many subtle differences between databases. It’s no different when you write an application that works with MySQL and Amazon Redshift. While developing FlyData Sync, we encounter many...
Using Opsworks and HAProxy for Routing
Opsworks and HAProxy At FlyData, with much of our infrastructure on AWS, we try to make use of the various AWS services available to us. One of these is Amazon Opsworks ( Amazon Opsworks is basically a Chef-as-a-Service tool for ...
FlyData Direct vs FlyData Agent
We now offer two different methods to use our FlyData Sync product. We felt the need to offer these different methods to best suit each type of customer. With the advantage of being a SaaS-based service, we are able to offer these different methods of pulling data from your MySQL instance. FlyDa...
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