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The Five Pillars of Amazon Redshift
Lately, quite a few organizations have decided to speed up query performance with Amazon Redshift. Writing a MapReduce job, testing it, fixing the bugs, then waiting an hour or more as it is run against a Hadoop cluster can be an exercise in patience. Corporations, large and small, are opting for...
FlyData Sync Direct
Have we heard from many of Our customers about the operational headaches of running a FlyData Agent to use Our ​​Sync product ( Https://Www.Flydata.Com/products/#sync ). To help Alleviate THESE headaches, we Are Releasing a feature called FlyData Sync Direct. With the use of Direct, any operation...
FlyData Anatomy Series: The FlyData Cloud, Part 2
This article is a sequel to an earlier article: FlyData Anatomy Series: FlyData Cloud, Part 1. In this series, we are walking through the data flow to show how FlyData processes your data into Amazon Redshift. FlyData-Architecture From Data Extraction to Data Processing In last week’s article,...
FlyData Anatomy Series: The FlyData Cloud, Part 1
The FlyData Cloud This article is the third article in the FlyData Anatomy Series. The first article covered the Data Extraction Process. The second covered our approach to data security. This time, we will walk through the FlyData Cloud, which does most of the heavy lifting for data processing....
FlyData Supported Platforms and OSs
The past week, we received a few questions regarding what platforms and OSs we support. Since it’s a common question, we’d like to share what we support currently, and some recommended setups for getting the fullest value out of FlyData. FlyData Supported Platforms (OSs) In a nutshell, the foll...
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