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FlyData Feature Series: How to Use the Replacement Rule
The Replacement Rule While transferring data, you may encounter certain load errors due to a character unsupported in Amazon Redshift. Perhaps you may need to obfuscate certain personal information before uploading your data to Amazon Redshift. Regardless of the specific situation, the need to r...
FlyData Anatomy Series: Security of Data Path (SSL, VPC)
Security of Data Security is always a challenge, especially when trying to deal with it in the cloud. Due to the public nature of the cloud, there are many possible attack vectors, including the well known Denial of Service (DoS) type of attack. At FlyData, we take a proactive approach to securi...
FlyData Anatomy Series: The Data Extraction Process
FlyData Anatomy Series Part 1: The Data Extraction Process Streamlining data into Amazon Redshift could be a challenge. At FlyData, we strive to make data loading as easy as possible, so that your data is always available in your Amazon Redshift cluster for you to query. In this series, we’d lik...
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