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Handling UTF-8 Characters in Redshift
Amazon Redshift & UTF-8 One of the things to be aware of when transferring data to Amazon Redshift is related to the handling of UTF-8 characters. When moving data from external data sources into Redshift, you may encounter an error that looks like below. ERROR: Load into table 'alextesttablech...
Querying Free Disk Space on Redshift
If you’ve been using Amazon Redshift for a bit, you may be wondering how much empty space you have left on your Redshift cluster. This is important since you probably want to plan ahead before your cluster gets full and you have to upgrade to multiple clusters. Here are some options: Monitor Red...
Handling Column Characters in MySQL vs Amazon Redshift
When you build an application that works with different kinds of databases, you have to be aware of and deal with many subtle differences between databases. It’s no different when you write an application that works with MySQL and Amazon Redshift. While developing FlyData Sync, we encounter many...
The Five Pillars of Amazon Redshift
Lately, quite a few organizations have decided to speed up query performance with Amazon Redshift. Writing a MapReduce job, testing it, fixing the bugs, then waiting an hour or more as it is run against a Hadoop cluster can be an exercise in patience. Corporations, large and small, are opting for...
Quick Review of Amazon Machine Learning Using Amazon Redshift as a Data Source
Amazon Machine Learning Announced Yesterday, AWS announced Amazon Machine Learning, which is set to vastly expand the number of companies that will perform machine learning on their data. The benefits of using Amazon Machine Learning is that we can use AWS’s internal algorithms at low cost. With...
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