FlyData Direct vs FlyData Agent

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We now offer two different methods to use our FlyData Sync product. We felt the need to offer these different methods to best suit each type of customer. With the advantage of being a SaaS-based service, we are able to offer these different methods of pulling data from your MySQL instance.

# FlyData Direct

This is our newest offering for when using FlyData Sync. This is also our default option as this is the easiest option. You do not need to setup any additional infrastructure. Once setup, we will run a process to pull the data from your MySQL instance initiated by the FlyData cloud. There is a requirement; your MySQL instance will need to be publicly available. The security groups set up will be strictly limiting access to a set of IPs depending on your Redshift cluster region chosen when setting up your account. If configured, we will also use standard SSL encryption (default enabled for Amazon RDS) for secure transfer of data.

# FlyData Agent

This was our initial method when using FlyData Sync and still in-use by many customers today. This provides the benefit of leaving your MySQL instance behind a private subnet in a VPC or firewall and still being able to use the FlyData Sync service. However, this does have an operational cost for the customer as the FlyData Agent software will need to be installed on a server and managed (and updated) by the user. This can be very cumbersome. However, if have strict security policies or do not wish to assign a public IP for your MySQL instance, then this can be an option for you. As with both methods, we only pull data for the tables you have configured us to watch.

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