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What happens when a team from across the globe meets in one of most dynamic technology events on earth?  At AWS re:Invent 2017 our company forged stronger bonds between our international team members and shared our mission and passion for customer success.

In this post, we wanted to take the chance to share some insights about what makes our team unique, what we learned and where we’re heading:

FlyData is a leading Amazon data integration SaaS, providing 1:1 RDS to Redshift replication: Our team works in our SF Bay Area U.S headquarters and several states in between as well as a Japanese corporate division.  Being a distributed global company we’re huge users of Slack and Zoom meetings, using them daily to put us on a relatively flat surface.

So naturally, having such diversity together in Las Vegas was a phenomenal experience.  There, we really found ourselves cast in a myriad light, bringing our team into a dynamic, unified whole.

Early in the week, we held our monthly all-hands meeting during which we shared some awesome new product roadmap announcements while exploring the company direction for the year to come. We had some great breakout sessions with ample opportunities to do what we do best: listen and learn from each other, lean into our growth potential as individuals and, as stewards, collaborate and innovate to meet our customer-driven goals.

We’re a diverse and relatively small company with just under 40 members.  We believe that insights come from everywhere and encourage everyone to communicate openly with our best interests in mind.  This allows us to stay agile and open to new perspectives for quickly validating new technologies to work smarter and more readily support our customers!

Having lots of work and off-work interactions along the way, we strolled along the strip and through Caesars Palace as we marveled at the sites.  Finally, we landed at our destination, having the good fortune to dine at The Palm restaurant and celebrate our previous year’s success and new year’s strategy ahead. Some of us were new to the team and had never met in person until that evening - it was an amazing time!

Throughout day 3 and 4 in the expo hall, various reps from Engineering to Sales along with our CEO engaged with new customers about our RDS to Amazon Redshift sync and replication tool.  Our team prides itself on the ability to proactively respond to our customers’ unique use-cases, and we were in full effect providing support and insights from many angles to companies’ big-data analytics journey on AWS.  Among the many gratifying realizations we had from our contacts is that FlyData truly is a set it and forget it database replication solution.  We took heart in the positive feedback from current customers as well about our support levels and the ease of transacting on our platform.

Our team values of agility, reliability, transparency, and customer-focus set the stage for reimagining our clients’ data analytics goals.  Indeed, on Day 4 FlyData was featured in Amazon’s CTO Werner Vogels Keynote address.  He dove deep into the AWS architecture of one of our customers, which pointed out where FlyData provides business-critical database replication for data warehousing and analytics applications.  The presentation spurred quite a few inquiries and our Sales and Support Engineers have loved collaborating to build proof of concepts and pilots for both cloud-native and progressive adopters on the AWS platform where we can help companies fit into emerging analytics design patterns involving continuous real-time replication from RDS to Redshift.

Overall re:Invent proved successful for unifying our team, clients, and expanded AWS partner network.  Our company left with renewed excitement about its culture and commitment to excellence and innovation.  And, we have begun implementing new product feature requests as well as support for new data sources within the next quarter.

It’s always a pleasure getting the team together, as it helps us bring our experiences and personal goals to life...

We'd love to help make yours possible as well.

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