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FlyData, Inc has been a APN partner since inception and we're proud to be featured in the Amazon ecosystem.  We've received feedback from prospect customers and the like requesting that we integrate into the Amazon AWS Marketplace.  You spoke, we listened, and now we're live on the Amazon AWS Marketplace. Signing up for FlyData via the Amazon AWS Marketplace has never been easier.  We've also implemented per unit pricing on replication to meet Amazon's metered pricing structure.  Here are the pricing details for all customers who signup for FlyData through the Amazon AWS Marketplace:

# Pricing Details

Software Fees*

Additional taxes may apply.



Thousand Records for continuous sync

$0.04 / unit

Thousand Records for initial sync after second time (first for free)

$0.005 / unit

Mandatory premium support fee per month******

$199.00 / unit

With the metered pricing it gives our customer base a solid "pay as you go" model which will help many companies who may be low-volume in their data replication needs or who are looking to control cost on a granular level. *  The initial sync (entire initial database dump) is free for 14 days so that you can start without significant upfront fees! ** The Premium Support fee will be charged 30 days after your start date, so if you cancel before the 30 days, you will not be charged! FlyData, Inc is proud to be part of the Amazon AWS ecosystem and we look forward to serving your data replication needs! For more information and to sign up through the Amazon AWS Marketplace, please visit this link.

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