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Have we heard from many of Our customers about the operational headaches of running a FlyData Agent to use Our ​​Sync product ( Https://Www.Flydata.Com/products/#sync ). To help Alleviate THESE headaches, we Are Releasing a feature called FlyData Sync Direct. With the use of Direct, any operational tasks associated with the agent are done within the FlyData cloud. The user would not need to install the FlyData Agent and tasks associated with running an agent would be operated by FlyData. For secure communications with your MySQL instance, we use SSL encryption. This option will automatically be enabled when using AWS RDS. For non-RDS MySQL users, the option to add SSL certificates can be enabled in the web console. This also means we will be providing a true end-to-end SaaS solution for syncing your data to a big data warehouse (AWS Redshift). To use this feature, we will need a few additional items to prepare your data for Sync.

  1. We need firewall and / or security group settings open for your MySQL or AWS RDS instance to the same IPs you opened for AWS Redshift
  2. We have also changed the layout of our web console for new users with a wizard. The wizard will provide a step-by-step walkthrough to get your data synced
  3. With the wizard, we recommend new users to have this ready to complete the wizard:
    • AWS Console access to update security groups (and RDS settings)
    • MySQL / AWS RDS host, user and table information
    • AWS Redshift host and user information
    • SSL certificates (if using non-RDS MySQL)

We hope you enjoy this new feature and if you Have any Questions or feedback, please send US an email at Supportattoflydata.Com . From many of our customers until now our products FlyData Sync ( Https://Www.Flydata.Com/ja/products/#sync about) has been received a lot of opinions that matter operation of FlyData Agent is annoying . In order to reduce the painful problem of this head, we have released a FlyData Sync Direct. If you use the Direct, you will be able to complete all the operations related to FlyData Agent in FlyData cloud. No longer necessary to the operation of, such as the installation or start FlyData Agent on the customer side, we will be responsible on behalf of the customer. For a secure connection to MySQL, we can not use the encryption of SSL. This option if you are using the RDS, will be automatically activated. If you are using a MySQL other than RDS, By you register the SSL certificate in FlyData Console, you will be able to get advantage of this option. As a result, we can now provide synchronization SaaS solutions to the data warehouse of end-to-end in the true meaning (Redshift). In order to use this feature, there is a need for you to add a configuration only slightly.

  1. The same IP address that was added to the allow IP of AWS Redshift, there is a need for you to add to the firewall and the security group of MySQL or AWS RDS instance.
  2. Also, this time, we have added the Setup Wizard function to support the registration step by step to FlyData Console. By take advantage here, it will be able to start the synchronization of data easily. ※ Japanese version for setup wizard is ordered and soon released.
  3. If you want if you use the wizard, the following information is required.
    • In the AWS Console, the authority that can be updated Security Group (the setting change of Redshift)
    • MySQL / AWS RDS host name, information of the user name and the table
    • Host name and user information of AWS Redshift
    • SSL certificate (If you are using a MySQL other than RDS only)

For this new feature, something If you have any questions or comments, etc., Supportattoflydata.Com please contact us to. We look forward to use than the heart.

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