Happy New Year!

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A new year for FlyData is another exciting year of growth and opportunity. FlyData is now four years old and 2014 was an especially busy, but remarkable time for us. Now that 2015 has begun, we would like to start it off by returning to our most important moments of the previous year, as well as our goals and aspirations for coming year.

# A Quick Recap

  • The launch of FlyData Sync, with support for automatic replication of MySQL databases (yes, supports multiple dbs!) to Amazon Redshift
  • FlyData Autoload saw continued growth in popularity among gaming and advertising-related industries
  • Error handling and notification features were added across all FlyData platforms
  • We surpassed 1000 users on our FlyData Heroku service. Thanks to all the fans out there!
  • Added further stability to the FlyData platform

# Goals & Aspirations

With the growth that we experienced in 2014, we are confident that there are many more companies out there that we can help through our FlyData services. In 2015, we aim to:

  • Strive to serve our current customers with even better service
  • Reach many more customers that we haven’t been able to reach before
  • Continue to expand the number of supported platforms for FlyData
  • Continue to improve the overall experience for customers

We’d like to express our thanks to our customers, readers, investors, and everyone else who has supported us in helping the company become what it is today. And last but not least, the FlyData team wishes you all a prosperous, exciting, and happy new year! Here’s to another great year ahead of us!

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