Recent FlyData Releases (September, 2015)

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We’ve had some major new releases recently at FlyData, especially to the FlyData Agent. If you are using the FlyData Agent, we strongly recommend you upgrade your Agent to the newest version! Here are some of the highlights of the Recent FlyData Releases:

# For All Users

CRC32 Checksum support

This feature introduced FlyData support for CRC32 checksum. This property is a configuration that is set by default on many MySQL configurations (including Amazon RDS). We previously did not support CRC32 checksum, which became a bit of problem for some users since restarts of RDS instances had a chance of resetting this configuration option. When this option was set due to such restarts, this could cause an issue to the replication. After this release, users will no longer have to manually change the configuration of their MySQL instance to not use the CRC32 checksum option, which also happens during RDS MySQL restarts. One less thing to worry about for your data replication process.

# For Users Using The FlyData Agent

Recover from abnormal shutdowns

We implemented an easy way to resume and repair the FlyData Agent process in cases of abnormal shutdowns of the agent instance. With this release, the FlyData Agent has become more robust, even in cases where there are hardware failures. If the server that is hosting the FlyData Agent dies for some abnormal reason, FlyData will detect these errors, and will automatically send a command to the user that will resume and repair your data replication process.

Optimize memory usage

We managed to make huge strides in reducing FlyData Agent memory usage. This feature shows significant improvements in terms of memory usage over previous FlyData Agent versions.

# Release Notes

  • Release 0.5.10 - 10/4/2015
    • Features:
      • FlyData Agent will attempt to reconnect to MySQL upon seeing connection errors
  • Release 0.5.9 - 10/3/2015
    • Bug fixes:
      • Add additional RDS compatibility checks
      • Back up FlyData Agent initial sync temporary files correctly
  • Release 0.5.8 - 9/24/2015
    • Features:
      • New ability to recover data from abnormal shutdowns on hosts with the FlyData Agent installed
      • Optimize memory usage
    • Bug fixes: Fix usage of "localhost" as MySQL host
  • Release 0.5.7 - 9/23/2015
    • Features:
      • Ability to fix broken syncs without a full resync
  • Release 0.5.6 - 9/22/2015
    • Features:
      • Add support for SSL cipher for accessing MySQL servers
  • Release 0.5.5 - 9/11/2015
    • Features:
      • Add support for new default values in relation to Date | Timestamp columns
      • Prevent multiple FlyData Agent processes from running on the same user account
      • Disable log rotation for FlyData Agent logs
  • Release 0.5.3 - 9/2/2015
    • Features:
      • Add support for CRC32 checksum support
  • Release 0.5.2 - 8/14/2015
    • Features:
      • Start continuous sync faster
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