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# Afraid to Commit?

FlyData offers free trials for both FlyData Sync and FlyData Autoload. These free trials coincide with Amazon Redshift’s 60-day free trial, which allows 750 hours of usage per month with 160GB of solid-state drive storage. With access to FlyData’s services coupled with free Redshift storage, you can fully experience continuous and automatic data integration without paying a dime. Also offered is “Test Drive”, a new feature which enables you to try FlyData with our demo data within an environment that we provide. Within this environment, you can query, make changes to your tables, and access a Redshift cluster. What differentiates Test Drive from our free trials is that you will quickly get a feel for how FlyData works, without having to set it up and send your own data. Simply put, our free trials and Test Drive enable you to use Autoload and Sync as if you were a paying customer — there are no differences between the free trials and the paid service! By taking advantage of them, we hope that you will be able to gain an understanding of what FlyData can do for your organization. By gauging your experience with these trials, our team will move even closer to creating a seamless customer experience. To start your free data integration, request a demo. If you would like to “test drive” FlyData Sync without having to send your own data, fill out our form. For more information on Test Drive, visit the Amazon Web Services page or contact us!

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