Customer Case Study

99Designs Turns to FlyData for Faster Data Analytics Infrastructure

San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, Berlin
E-Commerce, Crowdsourcing
"We needed to move data from MySQL to Redshift and we needed to move it around as fast as possible. FlyData does that, and it does that well." – Gareth Tilley, Head of Data Analytics at 99Designs

99Designs is the world’s largest online marketplace for graphic design. Founded in Melbourne in 2008, the company has grown to over 100 employees in four offices around the world, including San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, and Berlin.

“99Designs is a very quantitatively-driven organization,” says Gareth Tilly, Head of Data Analytics. “All of our teams need data to make decisions and to measure what is working and what isn’t working.”

As 99Designs has grown, so has their need for robust data analytics. However, the company’s legacy infrastructure soon became cumbersome.

“We had the problem of ‘plenty of data in plenty of places,’” said Tilley, “Data analytics was becoming the bottleneck of the rest of the company’s growth in terms of access to data.”

# Choosing FlyData and Amazon Redshift

Switching to Amazon Redshift and FlyData had an immediate impact on 99Designs’ data analytics team.

“The same queries that would take a half hour to 45 minutes, now run in a couple of minutes,” said Tilley, “Now we can actually gain access to the data that we previously had, but had no way of extracting due to its size.”

The move also democratized data analytics across the company. Previously, Tilley’s team would have to pull data from numerous sources, manually match the data outside of the database, and then present the results to whoever needed it. Not only did it cost the team man-hours, but it required a special set of technical skills that few people in the company had.

“With FlyData, now that everything is in one place, we can easily get access to answers. Now, even non-tech savvy people can get their results because it is less effort on my side,” said Tilley.

When 99Designs needed fast, accurate, and reliable data analytics infrastructure, they turned to FlyData.

"We needed to move data from MySQL to Redshift and we needed to move it around as fast as possible,” said Tilley, “FlyData does that, and it does that well.”

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