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How ConsumerAffairs Uses FlyData to Drive Business Metrics

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“We have made massive improvements to our business thanks to FlyData enabling us to have our data available on demand in Redshift.” – Ron Timoshenko, Director of Architecture of ConsumerAffairs

# Challenge: Managing High Volumes of Business-Critical Data

ConsumerAffairs helps everyday consumers make the best decisions for themselves and their families. They create expert Buyer Guides and have collected over one million verified reviews on over 3,000 brands.

However, ConsumerAffairs faced a familiar problem. As the world’s fastest-growing reviews aggregator, they had a lot of data, but nowhere to store it all for analysis.

Ron Timoshenko, Director of Architecture at ConsumerAffairs, first decided on Amazon Redshift for the company’s data warehouse. This created another problem:

How would they get all of their data into Redshift?

With a wistful tone, Ron admits that they originally tried doing it themselves.

“But that took forever,” he recounts, “So we pivoted to trying some open source tools, such as Tungsten. But those took too much maintenance and configuration. We were a small company trying to scale and this was becoming a huge distraction.”

The problem was getting bigger by the day. ConsumerAffairs needed to sync over 98 tables across 3 different MariaDB databases into Redshift in near real-time, but they couldn’t afford to spend the time maintaining a pipeline.

# Solution: Choosing FlyData for near real-time data replication

The first time Ron logged into FlyData, it kind of surprised him.

“I was like, ‘Is this it?’. It was so simple and easy,” he said.

In minutes, Ron connected their Redshift database and their MySQL instance. The full sync took less than a day and has been replicating changes in near real-time almost flawlessly since.

After finishing their 14-day free trial, ConsumerAffairs chose FlyData for its ease-of-use and support.

“The user experience and the support are great,” Ron says, “It works so well, we forget it’s there.”

Because of FlyData’s real-time replication, 90% of the ConsumerAffairs team has been able to make full use of their Business Intelligence tools, Looker and Mode Analytics.

“FlyData has enabled us to run reports and queries on our data quickly and easily. We have made massive improvements to our business thanks to FlyData enabling us to have our data available on demand in Redshift.”

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