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SanSan Reduces Time-to-Insight from 10.5 Hours to One Minute Using FlyData

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Reduced time to collect data and issue KPI reports from 10.5 hours down to a minute. Contributed to quicker turnarounds in the service improvement cycle.

SanSan is a major Japanese corporation that specializes in enterprise business card management services. In 2012, the company launched a new division called Eight: a mobile app for capturing and digitizing business cards.

Two years after its launch, Eight’s user base had grown to more than 600,000 users and 20 million business cards processed. Today, more than 100,000 business cards are added each day.

In the early days of Eight, the team relied on Oracle RDB for data analytics. They soon ran into scalability issues. As the volume of data grew, Eight could no longer run queries fast enough to produce daily reports.

“It was a serious problem to our business since we could not access the information vital to our business decision-making,” said Mr. Mase, Eight’s Infrastructure Manager.

# Choosing Amazon AWS, Redshift, and FlyData

The Eight team knew they needed to make a change, and quickly.

They first decided to move their backend infrastructure to Amazon AWS. Next, they had to choose a data warehouse and ETL solution.

Eight considered both Hadoop and Amazon Redshift. They also discovered FlyData during this time, which made migration to Redshift easier.

After running several side-by-side tests, Eight had a clear winner: Redshift and FlyData.

“The key factor in our decision to choose FlyData and Amazon Redshift was the benchmark [test] we ran, which showed Redshift returning results much faster than Hadoop,” said Mr. Mase.

Plus, FlyData made transferring and loading data to Redshift much smoother and easier.

“We were able to implement our analytics infrastructure using FlyData and Redshift without any technical difficulties,” said Mr. Mase.

# Time-to-Insight Improves Exponentially

After moving to Redshift and FlyData, Eight saw a drastic improvement in their ability to deliver reporting.

Reports that originally took 10 ½ hours to run now took one minute. This enabled Eight to share KPI reports across the team every morning at a set time.

“Today, we project our dashboard on a screen so that the whole company can share the same KPI at any time, and understand exactly how our service is performing,” said Mr. Mase.

“Now we can capture our KPI in near real-time, utilizing the real-time continuous loading capabilities of FlyData.”

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