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How Tradesy Turns User-Generated Data into Business Insights with FlyData

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"Using my network, I reached out to some FlyData customers and found that FlyData was highly recommended by all of them." – Jorge Documet, DevOps Manager at Tradesy

# Challenge: Maintaining accurate databases for BI analysis

Tradesy enables women to maximize both their personal fashion and their personal finances. The mobile and online clothing resale service launched in October 2012 and has since grown into a 90-person company with millions of users eager to buy and sell clothes.

As a high-transaction online resale business, Tradesy’s business intelligence team needs to run queries and create reports on a regular basis. These reports help key stakeholders make decisions that give Tradesy a competitive edge in the fast-growing market of peer-to-peer fashion ecommerce.

However, high volumes of user-generated data made database management a challenge.

“Handling the frequent schema changes resulted in mismatched data,” said Tradesy’s DevOps Manager, Jorge Documet. “Working to resolve this every few months was not ideal.”

Jorge considered running a second MySQL database just for business intelligence, but that was less-than-desirable due to the frequency with which they add and remove tables.

Between Tradesy’s rapid company growth and the huge volume of data in its system, it has extremely high standards for how well its developers can navigate its systems.

# Solution: Choosing FlyData for Data Migration and Replication

That’s when Jorge and his team decided to look for a more scalable solution to perform the data migration and replication.

Tradesy is already hosted on Amazon Web Services, so it was a no brainer to choose Amazon Redshift as their data warehouse. Redshift ensures Tradesy’s production databases are not affected while their BI team is running queries.

Jorge then discovered FlyData as a data replication solution. Using his network, he spoke to several FlyData customers and found it was highly recommended by all of them.

Setting up the sync was straightforward and Tradesy was up-and-running on FlyData with minimal effort.

“I look for solutions that require the least amount of movement,” said Jorge. “Setting up FlyData was a painless process, which is uncommon when it comes to developer tools.”

Thanks to its ease-of-use and world-class customer support, FlyData freed up precious developer hours that were previously used to monitor the syncing of data.

“FlyData’s support staff is very knowledgeable and all issues are resolved in a timely manner.”

Jorge’s team is now more focused on building products, and Jorge sleeps better at night.

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