Making intelligent decisions with predictive models – without a Data Org

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Join us for webinar with Tim Eller Friday November 20, 9 am PST | 12 pm EST
Tim Eller
Tim Eller Algorithms and Data Science Leader, formerly at Uber, Lyft, and Turo.
What is Tim going to talk about? Companies that feel they're failing to unlock the potential of their data often face paralysis about where to begin. Hiring a team of Data Scientists and Data Engineers is an expensive gamble, yet doing anything short of that seems to be a losing proposition with higher certainty.

Fortunately, basic design patterns in Data Science that have crystallized over the past decade are finally available as software services, making it easier for companies to make smart, data-driven decisions faster and cheaper. That is, in the extreme, the contributions of an entire Data Science team can be purchased as software.

We will present a case study of a Series A startup that was able to launch a Decision Service – an http endpoint that returns optimal rental decisions – for a fraction of the cost of a Data Science Team.
About Tim Over the past decade, Tim has had the privilege of collaborating with Data Science teams at successful startups in the San Francisco Bay Area, deploying several predictive models and decision algorithms into production.

After co-inventing Lyft's first dynamic pricing algorithms, he later developed best practices and strengthened the engineering culture within Data Science at Uber, and eventually led the Risk and Pricing Data Science efforts at Turo.

Tim is now the Founder of dcyd, which creates software to diagnose and optimize the impact of predictive models on key business metrics. Tim studied math as an undergraduate at Havard, received a Master of Mathematics from Cambridge, and a PhD in Mathematics from UCLA.
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