RDS to Redshift in Minutes FlyData will ETL your RDS to Amazon Redshift in minutes without the hassle of writing and maintaining ETL scripts
No credit card required.
14 day Free Trial with unlimited sync
No coding required. 30 mins setup.
Monthly plans. No lock ins
Works seamlessly with
Amazon RDS
Amazon Aurora
FlyData is the easiest way to replicate from RDS to Redshift
30-minute setup Get up-and-running over lunch, not months. Set up your connection once and we’ll handle the rest.
Premium technical support Enjoy the weekend, worry-free. We proactively monitor your pipeline 24/7, so you don’t have to.
Straightforward pricing Tired of surprise fees and cryptic credit systems? With FlyData, you only pay for the rows you use.
Quick setup. No credit card required. Unlimited sync during trial.
"The cleanliness that FlyData replicates from MySQL to Redshift is really important to me" Nick Smith Senior Software Architect
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Modern ETL capabilities.
Customer service that delights.
Near Real-Time Sync Access the most up-to-date data for analysis anytime, anywhere. FlyData syncs to Amazon Redshift in near real-time, so you can make decisions faster.
Secure Tunnel Don’t sacrifice security for accessibility. With FlyData’s enterprise-grade VPN, you can replicate databases protected by firewalls to Amazon Redshift.
Auto Error Handling Self-healing pipelines? Check. FlyData’s auto-error handling and buffering safeguards ensure consistency and zero data loss.
GDPR Compliance Privacy is a top concern for you and your customers. Stay safe and compliant with GDPR-ready infrastructure.
Self-Service Setup FlyData is so simple to set up, you can do it on your lunch break. Get up-and-running in less than 30 minutes. Your initial sync is always free.
Proactive Technical Support Sleep tight. We’ve got you covered through 24/7. Our world-class support team proactively monitors your pipelines, so you don’t have to.
Replicate from RDS to Redshift in Just 3 Steps
Choose your RDS database source FlyData syncs data from multiple sources such as RDS, MySQL, and Amazon Aurora.
Setup your Redshift data destination Configure settings for your Amazon Redshift cluster so FlyData knows where to load your data
Start syncing data in real-time! FlyData will now replicate your MySQL database to Amazon Redshift in real time, ensuring your data is always fresh
Get Started. Try FlyData Risk-Free.
Quick setup. No credit card required. Unlimited sync during trial.
Fast and secure Enterprise-grade security and near real-time sync.
World-class support Proactive monitoring from technical experts, 24/7.
Straightforward pricing Pay for the rows you use, and nothing you don’t.