Worry-free replication to Redshift, Snowflake and beyond FlyData is the simplest, most reliable ETL-as-a-Service on the planet. See why more fast-growing companies are choosing FlyData for database replication
Technology you trust. An experience you’ll love. FlyData is built on best-in-class, open source ETL technology, with a simplified user experience that lets you focus on more important things.
Redshift & Snowflake experts and more Don’t go with a one-size-fits-all data pipeline. FlyData specializes in Amazon Redshift & Snowflake and the data sources you care about most.
Get up-and-running over lunch. FlyData’s 30-minute setup and free initial sync means you can be up-and-running over your lunch break. Start delivering insights in minutes, not months. Try for Free
Dedicated instances during peak season. When it’s go-time, you can trust FlyData. We help you tackle high-volume seasonal traffic with dedicated bandwidth and proactive customer support. More about Solutions
Fair, affordable, and transparent pricing. Some ETL vendors make you pay by the credit. With FlyData, you’ll never be surprised by your bill. Simply pay for the rows you use and nothing more. View Pricing
World-class support. Every time. Things break. When they do, FlyData will be there. Every customer receives premium, 24/7 technical support from experts, not interns. Customer Stories
Quick setup. No credit card required. Unlimited sync during trial.
Get the most up-to-date data for analysis where you need it, when you need it.
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Customer Stories From high-transactional ecommerce to breakout SaaS, FlyData helps companies accelerate time-to-insight and achieve peace-of-mind.
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“We have made massive improvements to our business thanks to FlyData enabling us to have our data available on demand in Redshift.” – Ron Timoshenko, Director of Architecture of ConsumerAffairs
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"Using my network, I reached out to some FlyData customers and found that FlyData was highly recommended by all of them." – Jorge Documet, DevOps Manager at Tradesy
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When Collage.com needed a new ETL-as-a-Service provider, Nick Smith and his team launched an in-depth review of top options, including FlyData and Fivetran. After an extensive search, they chose FlyData for its reliability, ease-of-use, and excellent technical support. And they haven't looked back.
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Get started. Try FlyData.
Quick setup. No credit card required. Unlimited sync during trial.
Fast and secure Enterprise-grade security and near real-time sync.
World-class support Proactive monitoring from technical experts, 24/7.
Straightforward pricing Pay for the rows you use, and nothing you don’t.