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FlyData Enterpriseā„¢ sends your data to Amazon Redshift, seamlessly, securely and with integrity.
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With FlyData, you can seamlessly upload your data to Amazon Redshift,
and extract business intelligence, quickly and cost-effectively.
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Simple installation

Easy to implement and start immediately; simply add a ONE line command to install and run module automatically!

Flexible JSON logs applied to Redshift tables

JSON log files go into their own individual Redshift tables, allowing very flexible for overall table schema changes.

Manage your data in real-time on Redshift

Your data on Redshift is kept up-to-date through FlyData's automatic periodic updates

Never lose valuable data again!

Our redundant servers collect your logs and transfer them to Redshift, securely.

Big Data Solutions with FlyData


We encountered performance issues with MongoDB, so we migrated to Amazon Redshift using FlyData. Now we have the performance that we need to analyze our data in real-time!
Mr. Masashi Sekine, CTO
TokyoOtakuMode, Inc.

The continuous data load from our MySQL database servers allowed our analytics to be more accurate allowing our organization to focus on our product. FlyData also made our log collection system more robust.
Mr. Norihito Nakae, Engineering Manager
enish, Inc.