Replicate MySQL Databases to Redshift

FlyData™ automatically loads your data to Amazon Redshift, continuously, securely and with integrity.


Three Products to Choose From

FlyData Sync ~ MySQL to Amazon Redshift

Has your data outgrown your MySQL database? Do you have multiple RDS instances you want to query all at once in one single place? FlyData Sync automatically captures data changes in your relational database and continuously replicates changes to your Redshift cluster. Realize Redshift Integration through FlyData Sync.

FlyData Autoload ~ Logs to Amazon Redshift

Setup once, and have your log data uploaded to Amazon Redshift automatically! Using efficient change data capture (CDC), FlyData will automatically detect, capture, transform, and load your data so that your data is ready for your queries at any given time. Data is transferred in near real-time, so that you don’t have to worry about writing scripts or batch uploading. Error handling is taken care of so that you can forget about monitoring, or Redshift maintenance windows. Your data will simply be there.

FlyData for Heroku ~ Automate Heroku Log Management

Using FlyData Heroku, you can extract valuable insight from your Heroku application logs. FlyData Heroku will continuously capture and save your Heroku logs to your S3 bucket, so that you can perform log analysis on your Heroku apps. With further features such as error notification and Redshift loading, FlyData Heroku is a must-have, cost-effective tool for taking advantage of Heroku logs.

Intuitive Integration

Simple setup allows you to start integrating your data in minutes instead of days. Once setup, data flow is on autopilot.

Streamline Your Data Flow

Load your Apache, JSON, CSV, TSV log files, or MySQL data directly into Redshift as they are being generated. No need for custom scripts, daily batch uploads, or monitoring for errors. FlyData takes care of it all.

Manage Data in Real-Time

Data in Amazon Redshift is continuously kept up-to-date through our automatic updates. Your data will always be there, ready for your queries. Get instant value out of your big data.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"We needed to move data from MySQL to Redshift and we needed to move it around as fast as possible. FlyData does that, and it does that well.”

- Gareth Tilley

Masashi Sekine, CTO

TokyoOtakuMode Inc.

We encountered performance issues with MongoDB, so we migrated to Amazon Redshift using FlyData. Now we have the performance that we need to analyze our data in real-time!

Norihito Nakae, Engineering Manager

Enish Inc.

The continuous data load from our MySQL database servers allowed our analytics to be more accurate, which in-turn let our organization focus on our product.


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