Real-time replication to Redshift Save countless developer hours with our automated, scalable, reliable ETL pipeline
Quick setup. No credit card required. Unlimited sync during trial.
FlyData is the easiest way to centralize your data
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Quick setup. No credit card required. Unlimited sync during trial.
"The cleanliness that FlyData replicates from MySQL to Redshift is really important to me" Nick Smith Senior Software Architect
Near real-time sync to Redshift Get the most up-to-date data for analysis where you need it, when you need it.
Amazon RDS
Amazon Aurora
Worry-free replication to Redshift and beyond FlyData is more than ETL-as-a-Service. We take the headache out of data replication, so you can focus on more important things.
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When needed a new ETL-as-a-Service provider, Nick Smith and his team launched an in-depth review of top options, including FlyData and ...
BLOG Data Engineering as a Service - how we help startups make sense of their data
FlyData has been working with companies of different sizes - a fintech startup with a 20 strong team and an e-commerce company with 500 employees...
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Quick setup. No credit card required. Unlimited sync during trial.
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Straightforward pricing Pay for the rows you use, and nothing you don’t.