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Three Big Data Trends and Predictions of 2015
Oh how fast a year goes by. From the release of our data replication tool, FlyData Sync, to new additions to our team, we feel like 2014 was a remarkable time. But like many of you, what we’re truly looking forward to is 2015, a year that I think will be a big year for the expansion of Big Data u...
When Should You Consider Using Amazon Redshift?
So your application has gained traction and now your queries are starting to take a long time to run. Or maybe you are simply looking for a better way to run analytic queries against your ever growing data. This is when you might want to start looking into data warehousing. Deciding to start usin...
What is the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Program?
safeharbor_logo What is Safe Harbor? In a nutshell, the Safe Harbor program enables certified American companies to safely handle personal and potentially sensitive data from European customers and partners. The European Union imposes strong regulation on the transfer of personal data (under th...
How to Use Change Data Capture (CDC) for Database Replication
Replicating your production database is critical to the health of your company. You use Redshift (or your data warehouse of choice) to backup data, run analytics, and deliver key business insights to the executive team. There’s just one little problem to solve… How do you actually move your da...
What's Unique About a Columnar Database?
Looking for the right database technology to use? Luckily there are many database technologies to choose from, including relational databases (MySQL, Postgres), NoSQL (MongoDB), columnar databases (Amazon Redshift, BigQuery), and others. Each choice has its own pros and cons, but today let’s walk...
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